Karisma Jewelry

Karisma Jewelry is now available at Baubles by Maclyn in Naperville.

Karisma has as many looks as she does.

With over 400 interchangeable jeweled inserts, one piece of Karisma sterling silver jewelry lets a woman match every mood, every outfit, every day. It’s the best thing to happen to jewelry since the invasion of the beads.

Each piece of Karisma is beautifully designed and crafted in sterling silver and features a round jeweled center insert. The magic of Karisma is that a woman can simply remove the center jeweled insert and replace it with a new one. And with hundreds of jeweled inserts to choose from – in a wide array of colors, patterns and gemstones – Karisma becomes a true reflection of her!


Stop in today to try on and play with all the Karisma Jewelry we have in the store!


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