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Baubles by Maclyn Trusted Jewelry Store in Downtown Naperville


First, who is Maclyn? Well, Maclyn is not really a person -- it is the combination of the founder's first and last name.  So why did we come up with this crazy name?


Kellyn, the original founder and owner, was in the fine jewelry business for 20 years and and used to custom design and make engagement rings from her home under the name Maclyn Jewelers. When she decided to open a store--the unique jewelry boutique that you have come to know and love--the old name just seemed too stuffy.


Baubles --"a small, showy decorative ornament or trinket." It seemed to fit the vision and rolled off the tongue nicely. Adding the 'by Maclyn' was a way to differentiate the store and to help past customers know where we are now.

We call ourselves "the Unique Jewelry Boutique" -- Why? Because WE ARE! Nowhere will you find a store more full of one-of-a-kind, beautiful pieces than at Baubles by Maclyn. We carry pieces that are fun, trendy, and unique.

About 90% of our jewelry is 100% Sterling Silver with semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, and pearls, as well as other little-known stones like petersite, aventurine, sodalite, lapis, and bronzite. We also use some crystals and cubic zirconia. In addition, you will see hand-blown glass, jewelry made out of recycled aluminum and some stainless steel.


30-40% of the items in the store are one-of-a-kind pieces -- new items arrive each week. You never know what treasure you'll find at Baubles by Maclyn!


We have jewelry in our stores to fit every taste, budget, and lifestyle. Baubles by Maclyn pieces look great no matter what part of life you are in--waiting in the pediatrician's office with a sick kid, making a presentation to the company shareholders, and everything in between. When you wear a piece from Baubles, you are special--a Baubles Babe! Be prepared to get compliments! Because you will. All we ask for helping you look good, is that you pass on your secret -- us!


In addition to our unique pieces to wear with your everyday looks, Baubles by Maclyn also has a great selection of jewelry for special occasions--weddings, proms, corporate functions, New Years Eve, or when you just need some extra 'bling'.


Baubles by Maclyn also carries evening bags, handbags, scarves and jewelry organizers that are fun, trendy, and unique--just like our jewelry!


Baubles by Maclyn can also special order, custom make or repair just about anything.

"Big Bling, Little Cha-Ching" -- We believe that nice jewelry shouldn't cost a fortune.

Why not shop with us today? You deserve to treat yourself, or gift that someone special!








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