Intentional Bracelet
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Intentional Bracelet

Intentional Bracelet

Made of sterling silver bars and Swarovski beads, with elastic for easy wear. They pair wonderfully with the Blessing Bracelets.

Each bracelet comes with an accompanying card that reads:

You are here for a reason.

Your dreams are meant for liviing, set your intention to find what makes you special, what makes your heart come alive. Your life matters and your decisions and actions create the world you live in. Decide who you want to be, believe anything is possible and listen to the voice within.

 Be reminded by this bracelet to create the life you are intented for. Do not let others or society decide for you. Support a world based on the life of our dreams. We are meant to soar!

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: approx. 6.5"

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Rose Quartz


Blue Jasper