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About Us

Baubles is truly a unique jewelry boutique. Started as the niche between the fine jewelry store and a costume jeweler, Baubles specialized in sterling silver, genuine stone and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Today, we’ve expanded our selection of jewelry and artists to include all kinds of materials: copper, leather, wood and recycled materials. By doing so, we can now provide a selection of jewelry that is unmatched.

We get personal. Regardless of the type of jewelry item, pendant, ring, earrings or bracelet, we have a full selection of personalized items from which to choose. You can “splurge” or “save” with our amazing selection!

Baubles also carries evening bags, handbags, scarves and jewelry organizers.

And, of course, if we don’t have it, we are happy to find it for you! Baubles can special order just about anything. 

Baubles. Be. You.

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