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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I care for my Sterling Silver Jewelry?

A: The easiest way to keep silver looking its best is to wear it! The natural oils in your skin will keep the metal from tarnishing.

Each piece of sterling silver should be stored individually, in its own sealed bag or pouch. Doing so makes a big difference! Other metals, including gold, will accelerate the tarnishing (oxidation) process of the metal.

To clean your silver, use a silver-specific cleaning lotion or cloth and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use regular jewelry cleaner! It can immediately and permanently destroy the silver.

Avoid using tissue paper or paper towels to clean or handle your silver as they can scratch silver.

Other things your silver should avoid include chlorinated water, household cleaners including bleach, lotions and fragrances and peroxide. These chemicals may immediately (or overtime) and permanently remove the shiny quality of the metal.

By properly caring for your silver collection, you will be rewarded with a timeless, lustrious look!

Q: How do I become a supplier for Baubles?

A: Simply download and complete the New Artist Application

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